Taking Bookings Out-Of-Hours

Appointment Hotline

Reception backup for early evening bookings with 24x7 automated support via Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR).


Reduce No-Shows with SMS Reminders


It is proven that sending SMS appointment reminders further reduces No-Shows. This SMS notification service is a paid option for Silver and Gold Agenda services complements email appointment reminders.

Up to 3 reminders at different times are possible, in the default settings the 1st reminder is set for 1 week before the appointment, the 2nd reminder for 3 days before, and the 3rd reminder 24 hours before.

Salons can choose to only send one or two reminders. Settings can be adjusted for how many hours before the appointment the reminder should be sent (e.g. 48 hours) and the text of the reminder.



A user friendly way for contact


A paid option for Gold Agenda subscribers, the Hotline service comes in two forms, basic and premium.

The recommended "Basic Hotline" provides a low-cost local phone number just for appointments.

This local number can be diverted to a mobile phone or the salon reception.

Premium offers a "toll-free" number, which customers can call for free. This service has higher service charges and has country-specific limited availability.