Ensuring Patient Loyalty

Online Patient Relations

Mobile-friendly booking experiences

The expectation from a dental practice has increased enormously in recent years. Patients value ease of processing, flexible availability, transparency, and trust. More and more people are used to digital services such as simple online booking, easy online availability... 

With our Gold Agenda, you will be one of the first dental practices to get an online reception. It is available 24/7 and can serve several patients at the same time. Patients will be able to communicate with your virtual receptionist anytime and from anywhere in the world. Your assistant no longer has to deal so intensively with purely logistical tasks (canceling, rescheduling, or making appointments). 

Some examples: 

  • Recall reminders are sent automatically. Patients can book recall appointments with one click 
  • Appointments can also be changed on Sunday evening 
  • Gaps in the appointment book that have become free at short notice can be closed automatically (Gap Eraser, automated waiting list) 

Patients are more satisfied, the administrative effort is reduced, and your receptionist can concentrate more on the essentials. The appointment book fills up (almost) by itself!