Online Agenda = Utilisation Success

Appointment Management

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The “appointment book” era is (almost) history. The era of the digital but not online-capable appointment book will make it more and more difficult to meet patient expectations. The necessary flexibility is limited, and the administrative effort is greater. You must be present in the practice and appointments have to be entered manually. 

With the cloud-based Silver Agenda, you and your team can call up the appointment book at any time and from anywhere, whether with a PC, tablet, or smartphone. In addition, it has many other essential functions to simplify administrative tasks. 

Some examples: 

  • Dashboard: Overview of the most important figures in practice - daily / hourly turnover, room occupancy, staff availability ... 
  • Internal communication: internal chat, tasks, checklists 
  • Personnel management: vacation planning, employee competencies, time and attendance 
  • Sales forecast based on occupancy and booked appointments 

You are presented with the most important economic figures for the practice on a dashboard. Your team can work more efficiently with the user-friendly interface. Anytime and on any device.