Case Study


"55-75 new patients per month with Smylway online marketing service"

Increase in Patient Appointments

Smilezone Case Study

In early 2019, Smilezone launched a website for marketing dental services via Google with a local advertising agency.

In June 2019, the online marketing initiatives recorded an increase of approximately 12 new patients.

At the end of 2019, Smilezone introduced the Smylway service to complete an in-depth analysis of the local community. Opportunities were identified to improve the online marketing of Smilezone through advanced keyword implementation and the optimization of the landing page.

Prior to the March 2020 lockdown, online marketing results had improved. During the lockdown, however, only emergency treatments could be carried out. To support this, Smylway helped with Zoom-based online consultations with patients to maintain patient relationships.

After the lockdown was lifted in May 2020, the numbers increased again.

Now that all online marketing campaigns have been optimized, there have been 55-75 new patients per month since May 2020 (compared to 5-12 per month in 2019).